200 N Dobys Bridge RdSte 116
Fort Mill, SC 29715

Welcome to Danny's Pizza

The Owner Danny LaFranca is an Italian American That Grew up in Long Island NY. I been in Fort Mill over 20 years. I learned from my Grandparents from Sicilia who owned Bakeries & Pizzerias. I have been honing my skills to make the best Pizza that everyone from all over the U.S would love.

I opened the First Danny's in 2013 & through my recipes & direction it became very successful! In 2016 I sold Danny's & took some time off. To seek other interests!  I knew cooking was a part of me & I wanted to bring back the high quality recipes.  I wanted to bring the original recipes back to Danny's Pizza!  I had an opportunity to purchase the Danny's Pizza in Downtown Fort Mill! & with my direction & great staff we have been successful thanks to the Community of Fort Mill!

Favorite nickname "Turbo" My first job was in the food service industry when I was 16 years old. My brother got me a job in the restaurant where he worked. Everyone in my family has a passion for food including myself so it felt natural to pursue a career in the business. I remember one day after a four hour rush I walked through the dining room of the restaurant and saw dozens of people laughing, talking and enjoying the food that I had just made for them. That feeling....the satisfaction of knowing that I helped put a smile on someone's face and they were enjoying the meal that I prepared. It was instant gratification for the hard work that I put in. I've been chasing that feeling ever since. One of the restaurants that I worked at had this motto: "We want to help our guests enjoy their total dining experience so that they can't wait to come back." I've adopted that motto and live by it to this day. Also owning my own business has been my goal since I can remember. There are a few small restaurants that I patronize still today that have helped me develop an appreciation for the care that it takes to run a small business. You can tell that they want to make every single customer happy because they need them to come back and tell someone else what a great experience they had! As opposed to the corporate restaurant that serve billions and billions but never get my order right because they know that even if I don't come back, someone else will. I want my establishment to be someone's favorite place to visit.

Kevin Cooper (pictured below)
My journey with Danny’s Pizza began in 2019 and after being trained by Danny himself, I knew that this would be a long-lasting partnership due to our love for pizza, customer service, and unmatched product quality.  With 18+ years in the service industry and casual dining experience, I have consistently strived in customer service excellence while producing high-quality in-house made products.  After buying the Rock Hill franchise and continuing the Fort Mill Danny’s Pizza experience to our Rock Hill community, I have been blessed to carry on the same traditions that Danny has instilled throughout York County’s pizza standards.

As a customer-oriented leader, it is my passion to ensure each customer that comes in will leave with plans to come back to visit Danny’s as soon as possible.  I believe that if you build relationships, the business will follow.  This is a commonality with all Danny’s Pizza locations, however, it is a personal approach to my promise to our Rock Hill community as well.  As for me, in my free time I enjoy shopping, music, spending time with friends, cooking, and R&R to get ready for the next big day at the restaurant.  I have completed basic and advanced management courses, a diversity course, ServSafe certified, as well as certified in FirstAid and CPR.  We believe in a safe, fun, and delicious environment at Danny’s and I can’t wait to meet you and your family on your next visit to our Rock Hill location.


Dannys PizzaDannys Pizza